Choosing the Best Eco-friendly Flooring Options for Kids and Pets

If you have a busy household with little feet tracking throughout, constantly worrying about your flooring can be daunting. If it's finally time for a remodeling project, choose flooring options that are eco-friendly and kid and pet friendly as well. Because kids and pets can track a lot of dirt through and cause a spill from time to time, your flooring needs to be durable and dependable. Not bringing in harmful chemicals or products that use up a lot of natural resources is important too. Here are some flooring options for parents of human babies and fur babies who also have an eco-conscious heart.

P.E.T. Berber Carpeting

This type of carpeting is made from recycled plastic bottles and materials. It is a sustainable option for home carpeting installation. Because there is a minimal environmental impact, this recycled carpeting will help you feel good about having it a part of your home design. The Berber style involves a tightly woven design that easily resists soil and stains so you don't have to worry about spills. This type of carpeting is durable and is best for entryways and mudroom areas where there is a lot of heavy dirt traffic.

Polished Concrete

Carpeting always provides a soft place for kids to land and plush comfort that is second to none. But in areas where your kids unload their dirty clothes and shoes or places where pets love to play when they come in out of the rain, a durable and washable surface is the best bet. Polished concrete has been around for a long time but has just recently started gaining popularity in many modern home designs. The process can be achieved by pouring concrete and then having it professional polished to a smooth finish. The area is sealed to provide a high or low gloss appearance. Some faux finishing may be involved to add color pigments to complete the design process.

Reclaimed Hardwood

Another eco-friendly choice is reclaimed hardwood flooring. This is an earth-friendly option because you use recycled materials from torn down buildings or barns to breathe new life into an existing wood plank. These planks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, types and textures. You can have them custom designed, cut and stained to your exact specifications. Once sealed, they provide a premier choice for busy and active feet of all ages!


Cork is one of the leading renewable flooring sources on the market today. When harvested from the bark of the oak cork tree, the tree is not permanently damaged by the process. The bark regrows within three years, making it a renewable flooring source for your home. It's perfect for families with children because it contains anti-microbial properties—helping to cut down on allergens in the home. It's also flame-retardant and extremely durable.

With many designs on the flooring market, it can be hard to narrow down the final choice. Combining carpeting with other renewable flooring sources allows you to mix and match to create the results you want. For more information, contact Coordinated Interiors