Choosing the Right Flooring for a Busy Kitchen

Flooring is a big part of any kitchen. The right flooring can add visual interest to the kitchen while still being functional and easy to clean. For homeowners who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, choosing the right flooring is very important. The floors chosen must be stain resistant, able to stand up to lots of wear and tear, and still look nice. There are plenty of options that work for busy kitchen floors.

Wood Flooring

Wood floors are a great choice for many kitchens. They offer a classic look and are very durable. The main benefit of going with hardwood flooring in a kitchen is that it is easy to clean and it continues to look nice with age. These floors can be swept or vacuumed. Spills should be cleaned with a damp rag. Wood floor finishing is also an important when choosing wood floors for a kitchen. There are a variety of finishes available, such as wax and polyurethane, and each works to protect the hardwood from stains and damage. One of the only drawbacks of using hardwood flooring in a kitchen is that they are not always comfortable to stand on. This may mean that wood flooring is not always the best choice for homeowners who spend a lot of time cooking or standing in the kitchen.

Cork Flooring

Cork is not always a material that comes to mind for flooring but it is a great option for kitchens. The main attraction of cork is that it is a supportive material that makes standing for long periods of time easier on the legs, back, and feet. For kitchens with busy cooks, cork can be ideal. Cork is available in a variety of styles and finishes. It can make a kitchen look very warm and inviting. It also is a natural insulator and is a very quiet floor. For homeowners who want a quiet kitchen, cork is also a great option.

Tile Flooring

Whether it is stone or ceramic, tile flooring is popular in kitchens for a reason. Tile is incredibly durable and comes in a variety of colors and styles. The drawback to tile is that, like wood, it can be uncomfortable to stand on for long periods. However, it's durability and how easy it is to clean make it a great choice for high traffic kitchens.

There are many different options for kitchen flooring. Wood, cork, and tile all work well in kitchens that are used often. For more information about each type, talk to an expert like Cooper Floors.