Three Awesome Reasons And Advantages To Hardwood Flooring

Before you put that carpeting in and cover your hardwood floors, you should know a few more things about hardwood floors. There are actually several advantages to hardwood flooring, but three big reasons are listed below for your consideration.

Pets and Their Messes

Cats cough up hairballs all the time, and dogs sometimes do their business in the house. While it may be nasty to step in that and slide across the hardwood floor or slip and land on your back, these messes are still easier to clean up off of the wood floor than they are out of carpet. In fact, these messes can sink into carpet, and you will never fully get them out or get the carpet clean. Worse still, the pheromones that dogs and cats leave in some of their messes invites your pets to return to the same spots and do it again. Carpet cannot release those odors, stains, or traceable markers, but polished and waxed wood floors can.


If you have children, you have to ask yourself why you are making the effort to put down carpet. If you have already seen what your kids do with the wood floors, do you really want to expose brand-new carpeting to that? How many glasses of juice or other beverages land on your floor now? What about the snacks, food, mud, vomit, and other unidentified messes you have had to clean up off of the wood floors? Can you imagine what your carpet will look like after one year of what the kids already do? Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can make new rules now and that the kids will stick to them to keep your carpet spotless. That is not how kids operate, regardless of their age. Keep the wood floors—they are easier to clean and will not show the signs of staining or grime provided by the children.

Heavy Furniture

If you move your furniture around a lot, you probably have a scuff mark or scratch here and there in your hardwood floors. (If you had softwood floors, it would splinter and peel under the weight of the furniture.) Still, it does not take much to rub away the scuff marks nor does it take a lot of effort to buff, sand, and refinish blemishes in your hardwood floor. It is actually far less work and less taxing than measuring, cutting, fitting, and installing carpet padding and carpet, that is for sure

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