Remove Your Molding Before The Tile Is Installed

Tile floors are very popular because they are extremely stylish and durable at the same time. It is always a good idea to have your tile installed by license professionals. However, if you are trying to find a few simple ways to save some money on the project, we do have a few options if you are willing to do a little bit of work. For instance, you can remove the baseboard molding before the tile installers come to your property. Ultimately, this will enable you to get a much better deal on your tile installation.

Saving Money on the Project

Tile installation is a job that should be handled by licensed professionals because it requires special tools and the work is very physical. Removing the existing molding is necessary. Trying to install tile around existing molding without damaging it is very difficult. You can either pop the old molding off and reattach when the job is done, or have a brand new product installed after the tile is installed. The job is simple, but it ultimately enable the installers to come to your house and start with the actual tile installation immediately.

What You Need to Remove Your Own Molding

You only need a few simple tools to remove hardwood molding. You can usually do the entire job with just a hammer, a couple of flathead screwdrivers, and a utility knife.

Cut Away the Caulk

First, you need to cut through the caulk along the molding edges. There is usually only caulk where the molding meets the wall, but there could also be some where it meets the floor.

Removing the Molding

Basically, you want to hammer the screwdrivers behind the molding and then pry it away from the wall. However, if you hammer the screwdrivers in the center of the drywall, where there are no studs around, the screwdriver will probably just gouge a hole in the drywall. So, you want to look for the nail holes in the molding, and hammer the screwdrivers as close as possible because this is probably where the studs are. This way, there will be studs behind the drywall to allow you to apply pressure without gouging it.

Be sure that you let your professional tile installers know that you have already removed the existing molding before they come to your house and give you a bid. This will make the job easier for them and allow you to have some bargaining power when it comes to the overall price of your tile installation. Contact a company, like Clifton Tile Plaza, for more help.