Selecting The Perfect Carpet Centerpiece For Your Black And White Studio

If you have a black and white themed apartment, decorating may come easily. Black and white furniture and accent pieces are easy to find on the market, giving you plenty of options. One of the choices that you will need to make in a studio is what type of carpet you prefer. With a heavy dresser or television station in a studio apartment, you will need to place a carpet underneath so that the edges of the item will not damage the floor. The carpet is the one item that you might want to stand out in a black and white themed studio apartment. Here are a few ways to select the perfect carpet for a black and white studio apartment. 

Select a color that pops if you want to draw the eye

If you wish to draw your eye to the entertaining area of the apartment or towards the center, you want to select a color that pops. If you wish to stick with neutrals but you want to have a little bit of glamour, you should choose a silver carpet with sparkles. If you like having a girly home, you can choose a hot pink that will stand out against the other accents in the home. If you wish to stick to your theme, select between a black and white fur rug that is deep enough to provide plenty of cushion for your heavy centerpiece. 

Be sure that the rug is the perfect size

The rug should cover the entirety of the dresser or entertainment center, but it should not span the entire length of the room. Before buying the carpet, you should measure the length and width of the room. Then measure the length and width of the furniture that you will be placing the rug under. Select a rug size that will not overwhelm the look of the room, but will provide a good accent piece. 

Head to the carpet store to get a cut

If you want to have a rug that perfectly meets your specifications, you should visit local carpet stores to have a carpet specifically cut to meet the size and look that you enjoy. Have the carpet store cut the size to what you need, then place it in your home to your liking. Be sure to pick up any adhesive that you may need in order to stick down the corners. This will ensure that your carpet does not begin to rise up and possibly trip anyone or look unsightly.